The New Bay Business Group Website!

The New Bay Business Group Website!

New Look

You may have noticed a new look to our website! We have been working hard for months to create a new site that adds functionality both to the members as well as our upcoming events. There has been a complete overhaul on the way things look in the membership section. We have added the ability to become a member on our website and use a PayPal checkout method to complete your order. With this, we can have you complete payment, add a listing to our site and keep track of when your membership expires without having to contact one of the members to ask them to update your listing and when your membership expires.

Other Members

In addition to changing how members get listed and members purchase their memberships, we also have revamped how the members appear on the site and have add a lot more information that you can add to your own listing. This allows you to have a mini website on our website and you are able to share the link with others in order to share information about your business or organization.

User Based Upcoming Events

One of the most important changes may be how we show our upcoming events that members can submit on their own! Navigate to your Listing > Add Event > Event the event details and submit! Once approved, your event will show both on the website and our apps immediately! This is awesome because it allows you to showcase what you have upcoming in the community and it allows users to see what is going on and to view all the information about your event.

Did You Notice We Said Apps??

Yes. We have apps now! They are available in both the Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store. With the apps, you can see our next meeting, new members, upcoming member events and more! We are working hard to bring more features in the app so be sure to update it when we release new versions! You can get our app by visiting the link below.

Download Our Apps!

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