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Wellness Garden Coach is a holistic health coaching practice that specializes in working with the 40+ modern woman who suffers from chronic inflammatory issues due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles; whose #1 desire is to be pain-free while enjoying an energetic and vibrant life.

My approach is holistic because food is not the only area of our lives that dictates health or sickness. There are non-food areas called “primary foods” that also affect our health. The 4 primary areas are relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. These areas deeply nourish our bodies and when they are out of balance, we compensate with food (usually the wrong foods). And when it comes to food, no one diet fits all. We are each unique beings and, as such, we should not fit ourselves into a prescribed diet that our bodies may or may not be made for. Learning to tune into your body and listen to what it thrives on is what you will discover. You will learn to deconstruct your cravings so that you understand why you crave certain foods and you will learn a technique called “crowding out” that will allow you to enjoy healthier and satisfying foods so you do not default to junk food.

I have several one-on-one programs as well as group programs – both of which will transform you into the healthy, vibrant person you desire to be again. I’m available for workshops, cooking classes and presentations to help educate people on topics of health and wellness.


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Multiple packages available for individual and group coaching. See website for details: https://wellnessgardencoach.com/work-with-me/


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