Becoming a BBG Member

Becoming a BBG Member

If you are new here, let us explain what the Bay Business Group is and does for the community! The Bay Business Group (BBG) is an organization of over 100 enthusiastic advocates for economic growth and prosperity for Calvert and Anne Arundel Counties.  Our members represent a cross-spectrum of locally-owned businesses, from services to restaurants, resorts and insurance agencies and more.  All members focus on helping each other grow and develop each others’ businesses, providing the best products and services to our members and our customers, and supporting our communities with charitable endeavors.

Now that introductions are done, you’re probably wondering how to become a BBG Member and what perks you may get when joining? Glad you asked! It is very simple to join the BBG. Just register for an account on the website and click on “Add a Listing”. From there, fill in the fields with your information, preview the listing and head on over to the payment section. All of our packages can be found when joining the website as a Member. We have so many packages that will fit your business/organization!

When you register as a member, there are many perks you get! The biggest one may be that you are part of an elite community of members who strategize with each other, collaborate with one another on multiple projects as well as just all around refer each other’s businesses and help support one another. With that, there is so much to gain from that one perk alone. Aside from that, you are listing with over 100 other members on both our website which is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly as well as our iOS and Android app. The app allows you to easily search for members and upcoming events that are going on in the community.

Not only can you add your business or organization to the website, but you can also add ALL of your upcoming events to your listing and people can search for events that are going on in the community. Talk about some exposure to what’s going on!!

We can go on for hours about why you should join the BBG but instead, why not come to one of our monthly meetings for free and see what it is all about? We would love to have you join us! A fair warning: should you visit, you may want to stay!

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